Ugly Interview – Sebright Arms


On possibly the hottest gig I have ever been to, a blistering 33 degrees,  I had the opportunity to interview Ugly, a great young band from Cambridge.

Having released their latest EP ‘The Price of Fame – Themed’ this week, now is the perfect time to chat with the band sure to make waves.

Jangly guitars and indie pop perfection accompany reflective lyrics and deep thoughts in their previous releases but their latest EP has potential to go far.

Having seen them perform at the Lexington in June, I cant help notice the heat and basement venue of the Sebright Arms has made the performance dreamlike, though a rowdy moshpit is still present here.

At the Lexington gig, Sam whipped out a fascinating blue velvet bass, encrusted with Swarovski jewels that read ‘Juicy’ (so 90s and rom com chic), I have been unable to get the bass out of my mind.

I spoke to Sam, Harrison and Charlie, their drummer.

Asking about the double single, Sam told me, “its about being in a band really”.

“The title is quite ironic and thats on purpose”. I asked if that was being self – deprecating and he agreed.

We got on to the subject of festival season and when asked what their dream headliner would be – he told me Paul Simon in his early days. A classic 80s pop icon, great guitar, catchy riffs. Im pinning it to the doom rock themes they share. ‘Pissing in the Sink’ instrumental certainly brings Paul Simon to mind.

Their dream festival to headline? “Gotta be coachella”, I am hoping this is continuing the ironic theme of the EP.

“clout, man”, despite being similar in age, this reminds me of success in music today, online bragging, having and showing.

In Blister, a single from their newest EP, energetic rock gets the crowd going, not an easy feat considering the blistering heat in the Sebright Arms basement.

The repeated ” You’ve lost all motivation / for conversation once again” perhaps summarises the millennial disenfranchisement with authority currently. In the same week unelected PM Boris Johnson calls for a proroguing of Parliament until October, when Brexit will have to happen, is approved by the Queen.

“Snails Pace, Rat Race” opens up my questioning about careers and working life as a young person in London, “well you know where I work”, chants Harrison.

“Its about being broke, which is every young person in London” Sam tells me.

“You are my brother”, lyric can only refer to Sam and Harrisons brotherly friendship, as they tell me they’ll be writing much more closely now and have missed being further apart than usual geographically speaking.

Asking Sam and Harrison a question I ask them whenever I see them, “How do you write a song?”

Harrison, guitarist and bassist, replies with “A magician never reveals his tricks”.

Sure to go on to great things, I wish these lovely lads the very best and urge you to see them live as soon as you can.

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27th August 2019 cp

Little Miss Sunshine @ the Arcola – Review

Little Miss Sunshine was a hugely successful and easily iconic film released in 2006 starring Toni Collette, Paul Dano (my crush), Steve Carrell, Greg Kinnear, Alan Arkin and Abigail Breslin follows a struggling family along with a gripping, real and poignant story about overcoming life’s hardships whilst (just about) driving to a pageant for Olive (the youngest daughter in the family).

Could this Oscar winning movie translate well on stage?

The Arcola hosts Europes first showing of the musical of Little Miss Sunshine and to mixed reviews.

The Stage and the Guardian have given it 2*s whilst the Evening Standard has awarded it 4*s. Due to perhaps failing to strike the right subtle mundane tones the film hit so successfully.

My personal rating would be 4* as the story is brilliant, the cast exceptionally strong but sadly a lack of memorable songs lets it down ever so slightly despite a very wonderful band.

Excuse me whilst I go rewatch the movie that made me cry when Dwayne realises something life-changing and shouts profanity in the way I do daily in my head……