Little Miss Sunshine @ the Arcola – Review

Little Miss Sunshine was a hugely successful and easily iconic film released in 2006 starring Toni Collette, Paul Dano (my crush), Steve Carrell, Greg Kinnear, Alan Arkin and Abigail Breslin follows a struggling family along with a gripping, real and poignant story about overcoming life’s hardships whilst (just about) driving to a pageant for Olive (the youngest daughter in the family).

Could this Oscar winning movie translate well on stage?

The Arcola hosts Europes first showing of the musical of Little Miss Sunshine and to mixed reviews.

The Stage and the Guardian have given it 2*s whilst the Evening Standard has awarded it 4*s. Due to perhaps failing to strike the right subtle mundane tones the film hit so successfully.

My personal rating would be 4* as the story is brilliant, the cast exceptionally strong but sadly a lack of memorable songs lets it down ever so slightly despite a very wonderful band.

Excuse me whilst I go rewatch the movie that made me cry when Dwayne realises something life-changing and shouts profanity in the way I do daily in my head……