Online honesty

Due to the recent online beef between Youtubers I had not come across before (Tati and James Charles) I felt the need to discuss online debates, honesty, “receipts” aka texts sent and screenshot, and the power of being honest or holding back online.

Since starting this blog I have lost my job and ended a relationship in relatively short amount of time. The change from both can leave anyone feeling grief, upheaval and uncomfortable. Due to my optimistic nature I saw both as an opportunity to start again. Whilst in both I knew there were not for me, I was not enjoying them, they were not serving me and I should just quit both of them.

The routine and the reliability that a relationship and a steady job provide are blessings. They allowed me to take up other hobbies as I could compartmentalise my time, e.g taking up Japanese lessons on Monday evenings, even though my colleagues would berate me for leaving on time on Mondays, it was a joyful and useful way to spend my time.

Having left the routine behind I now feel a sense of despair, not for the job or the relationship but perhaps the way it forced me to conform, to tick the boxes of employed and taken so that my friends, family and society would no longer worry about me. Strangely being free from those has allowed me to crave the routine, miss the money which would allow travel but honestly, not much else.

While to some a situation where you leave your job and your relationship seems ridiculous and self sabotage, for me, it was exactly what I needed to do.


Little Miss Sunshine @ the Arcola – Review

Little Miss Sunshine was a hugely successful and easily iconic film released in 2006 starring Toni Collette, Paul Dano (my crush), Steve Carrell, Greg Kinnear, Alan Arkin and Abigail Breslin follows a struggling family along with a gripping, real and poignant story about overcoming life’s hardships whilst (just about) driving to a pageant for Olive (the youngest daughter in the family).

Could this Oscar winning movie translate well on stage?

The Arcola hosts Europes first showing of the musical of Little Miss Sunshine and to mixed reviews.

The Stage and the Guardian have given it 2*s whilst the Evening Standard has awarded it 4*s. Due to perhaps failing to strike the right subtle mundane tones the film hit so successfully.

My personal rating would be 4* as the story is brilliant, the cast exceptionally strong but sadly a lack of memorable songs lets it down ever so slightly despite a very wonderful band.

Excuse me whilst I go rewatch the movie that made me cry when Dwayne realises something life-changing and shouts profanity in the way I do daily in my head……

What would happen if we had another Referendum?

Dear Future Britain,

This is what the United Kingdom (or Divided Kinkdom I call it) has become since we chose to hold another Referendum post the Peoples March on the 24th of March 2019.

  1. ITS LAWLESS AND CHAOS RULES. A good time for punk bands, a bad time for everything else.
  2. PEOPLE ARE HAPPIER. Trade deals continuing as they had done and those who previously voted Leave turned out and made the outcome a far swing to remain means Britain is mostly as it once was, only now a global embarassment.
  3. ENVIRONMENT ISSUES ARE AT THE FOREFRONT. We are likely to hold another referendum on whether to make climate change issues the priority in parliament, this, unsurprisingly has caused an uproar and many within are mocking it.
  4. THE POOR, DISABLED, HOMELESS AND VULNERABLE ARE FORGOTTEN. NHS continues to struggle and that bloody big red lying bus has been turned into a mobile hospital which moonlights as a nightclub due to rapid cuts/extreme need and scary closures of Londons night venues.

Oh and we all live underwater and survive on soya crickets now.

Peace out and you know what to do.


This evening as I opened up my laptop post work post gym post bath I perused shopping sites, ebay Mulberry Bayswater Navy with silver hardware (my aesthetic and something I wanted as a pre-teen), PrettyLittleThing (I have never shopped there) snakeskin boots I saw on someone I don’t know on instagram, yet here I am, having “bought” a blog.

Having recently lost all my notes and writing queues I had begun on my daily commute to the big apple in the sky and with Valentines day tomorrow, I felt I deserved to treat myself.

To something intangible, perfect for me, made by me, and hopefully only speaking from me, truthfully.

I am excited.